12 Aug


Can you keep a secret?

See I have this addiction.  It’s an obsession really.

I love recipes…

My house is literally over flowing with them.

They live on top of my microwave…

And clipped to the side of my refrigerator…

I bookmark them on my computer.  I run my printer out of  ink printing them.  I have folders and binders stuffed full of them.  I scribble them on random scraps of paper and into spiral bound notebooks.

I have shelves filled with them….

I dog ear the pages in magazines of things I want to make….

Then I just get tired of having all the magazines sitting there taunting me with all of the things I haven’t made yet.

So I rip out the pages I want to keep and stuff them in a file folder….

Clearly I have issues…

A sane person would find a better way to organize all this chaos.   But see, here is my issue.  These scraps of paper are disposable.  For me to commit ANY of these scraps of paper to my more permanent collection.  I have to have cooked it.  And loved it.  With these scraps of paper If I don’t love it I can just toss it out.  I don’t have to revisit it.  The problem is I never seem to get around to cooking anything on these scraps of  paper.  Sure maybe every so often one is made.

So here is what I think we should do.  I’m going to start cooking my way through this collection of papers and sharing them with you.



Now go have yourself a huge glass of this…

You can find the directions to make it here.

She does a much better job of explaining the process than I ever could.

P.S.  I drink mine with fat free milk, a packet of Splenda, and a tiny shot of Hersey’s chocolate syrup.  If you like coffee you need this in your life.  Trust me.  You’ll thank me for it.


One Response to “Confessions”

  1. The Bestie August 13, 2011 at 3:41 am #

    Ooooh, it’s your very own test kitchen! How exciting. And thanks for doing the rest of a us a great service by figuring out which recipies are good and which ones aren’t!

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