4 Aug

I’m having one of those times as a parent…

You know the ones where you’re happy and sad and scared and nervous and anxious all rolled up into one, but mostly you feel like your heart might just be breaking a tiny bit….

Yeah one of THOSE moments….

The ones where part of you wants to hold on tightly with all you might.  Part of you wants time to stand still or even move in reverse and almost all of you wants to deny you have to let go “just a little bit.”  Your baby isn’t really a baby anymore…and what’s even more terrifying is you KNOW this is only the first of MANY of those times.

“THE LETTER” came in the mail about a week ago.  Up until then I was doing pretty good living in denial and enjoying summer vacation with my little man.  (Well obviously not so little if we just got a middle school letter)  I put all things Middle School out of my mind and if it did start to creep in just a little I shoved it on back.

Tomorrow is the first day.  Tonight is orientation. Today I’m on the verge of tears.

I blame it on this: 
My friends little boy is here today.  He’s 4 and totally addicted to The Land Before Time.  So we dug out the old VHS tapes my little guy watched and had a movie marathon.  The song almost did me in this afternoon.  Crazy Right??

It’s makes me nostalgic for my own quiet little 4 year old who played with dinosaurs and loved Thomas the Train.  The little boy who would could spot a lizard from a mile away. The one who loved to bake brownies so he could crack the eggs and lick the bowl when we were finished. The one that stayed right by me, safe and protected.

Tomorrow morning I’ll put my brave face on as I drop him off for the first day.  I know he’ll do great.  He’s ready for this.

For my part I’m going to savor every moment.  He may not be into dinosaurs and Thomas the Train anymore but he’s an amazing kid who’s growing into an even more amazing young man.  I know this next chapter is going to be great.

Now where’s my Kleenex??


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